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Welcome, Dear One...

Divine Feminine Shamanism

New Office Hours!

Monday through Thursday: By appointment only

Friday: 10am to 5pm

Saturday: By appointment only

Contactme for availability.

I have offices in Gleneden Beach, Beaverton and Tigard. And, I provide many of my services via Skype, email and telephone. To schedule an appointment for any of my services, please call me directly at 503-621-6461. And, I'm only a Message away, connect with me via Facebook at www.facebook/WisewomanPathways, or my website atwww.wisewomanpathways.com.

And, you can join my Meetup Group, Pathways to Wholeness atPathways to Wholeness

I look forward to connecting with you!

~Rev. Hope

Are you looking for THE Path to Happiness?

We often are in "search mode", looking for "good, best and better" ways to be, looking for a way to be happier, looking for love, looking; always searching.

And all along THE Path to all that we want, is created by us, through living the Journey.

I am here to teach you how to create YOUR Path, to the life you want. If you have already begun the inner-dialog about how that isn't going to work, I especially want to work with you. That resistance is your limiting belief, and it holds you back before you can even get started. The Path you are seeking to build already resides within you, as your "Higher Self". You only need to stop all resistance to it unfolding in front of you.

As a Shamanic Minister, I aid you regaining balance and harmony in your life, increasing your vitality and zest for living. Using Elemental Energies, I create a safe place for you to release that which no longer serves you, and a place to birth all that you can imagine for yourself. I give you the tools to access your Highest Self, unlocking all the potential to having the life you want.

I offer you the harmonic magic of the Whale Song, the creative passion of Pele, the Light of the Crystal Realm, and the wisdom of The Ancestors. All that remains is your willing Spirit.

So, Loved One...how may I serve your Highest Self?

In Her Love and Service ~Rev. Hope

"Hope is a talented healer and reader. Her spirit, joy, and generosity have power unto their own; only great things emerge! Many thanks to all the light she shares and input she offers!"

~A. Evans, Portland OR

My daughter has been fantastic since you worked your magic! She's doing what you said, and lighting her candle too. She hasn't been sick since you saw her. Thank you, Sister! ~L.C. Hillsboro OR

October's Stone of the Month

"Rock Your World" meets at 2pm, every 1st Saturday of the month, at the Crystal Wizard in Gleneden Beach.

This moth we're talking about Bloodstone, and its healing properties. We'll have a brief meditation to access the stone, and receive its gifts.

The Wheel of Life turns...and we turn with it, going inward to review the past year, and prepare for the next. Samhain celebrates this time of year, and we're celebrating it BIG! Click here for a special invitation... Treasure Hunt!