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1. Regular "check-ins" with your Team of Spiritual Allies.

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Wise Woman Pathways

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Life Path Mentoring Programs!

These are customized sessions; for self-discovery and spiritual growth.  Everything you want, is within you. Let me show you how to access it, and manifest it in your life.

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"My daughter has been fantastic since you worked your magic! She's doing what you said, and lighting her candle too. She hasn't been sick since you saw her.

Thank you, Sister!"

~L.C. Hillsboro OR


Welcome, Loved One...

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A Wise Woman, is a woman who lives in harmony with the natural world. Her connection with the cosmic forces of the universe, and the wisdom of The Ancestors, aid her in helping others reach their full potential for happiness. Her success is measured by how much she gives, not by how much she receives.

My name is Hope. My mission is to assist people in creating their personal pathways to everything they desire. I offer guidance, inspiration, support, resources, and tools; through the channeled Messages I receive from Ancestors, Angels, and Spirit Allies, so that others can obtain, and maintain, optimum spiritual health, and vitality. 

Each person has a unique relationship with Divine Source Energy. That's why not all Messages resonate as truth for everyone. My "job" is to help you create a pathways to happiness, and fulfillment, that is as unique as you are. That is my service to Goddess. How may I serve you?

"Hope is clearly in tune with herself, her environment and most of all her colleagues, both professional and personal. Hope exudes awareness, competency, efficiency and creates a positive working environment wherever she goes. I am always happy to participate in any endeavor Hope wishes to include me in."
S. Llewellyn, Portland OR

Divine Feminine Shamanism

Wise woman Pathways Ministry 

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This book offers you a deeper understanding of how the Law of Attraction, and the power of Magik, can transform your entire life. There is nothing that cannot be helped by Stone Grid Magik. From obtaining material blessings, to healing an aspect of your life, or even enhancing a particular gift, you will find this book's step-by-step instructions, and guided meditations helpful in manifesting it.

If you don't have a Kindle, you can still enjoy this book. Follow this link, and you'll find a instructions for uploading it to your computer, or any device you wish. Or, purchase the paperback version. It has more content, and still allows access to the online tutorials. Click here for more information.