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Divine Feminine Shamanism

New Office Hours!

Monday through Thursday: By appointment only

Friday: 10am to 5pm

Saturday: By appointment only

Contact  me for availability.

I have offices in Gleneden Beach, Beaverton and Tigard. And, I provide many of my services via Skype, email and telephone. To schedule an appointment for any of my services, please call me directly at 503-621-6461.

And, I'm only a Message away, connect with me via Facebook at www.facebook/WisewomanPathways, or my website atwww.wisewomanpathways.com. Or, follow me on Twitter "@RevHope999".

And, you can join my Meetup Group, Pathways to Wholeness atPathways to Wholeness

I look forward to connecting with you!

~Rev. Hope

"Hope is a talented healer and reader. Her spirit, joy, and generosity have power unto their own; only great things emerge! Many thanks to all the light she shares and input she offers!"

~A. Evans, Portland OR

My daughter has been fantastic since you worked your magic! She's doing what you said, and lighting her candle too. She hasn't been sick since you saw her. Thank you, Sister! ~L.C. Hillsboro OR

May's Stone of the Month

Smokey Quartz

"Rock Your World" meets at 4pm, every 1st Saturday of the month, at the Crystal Wizard in Gleneden Beach.

This month we're talking about Citrine, and its transformational properties. We'll have a brief meditation to access this crystal's Gifts, and integrate it within our personal vibration.

Wise Woman Pathways is excited to offer you Life Path Mentoring programs. These are customized programs of self-discovery and spiritual growth, different from "coaching"; because Life isn't a game. My style of mentoring offers you an opportunity to access your own innate wisdom, that wisdom you keep denying you have. Loved Ones, everything you want, is within you. Let me show you.

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You aren't broken, and you don't need healing. There is nothing wrong with you, and I'm not here to fix you. I am here to offer you a chance to re-member who you are; to reconnect with the divinity within you, to and help you create a pathway to mind/body/spirit wholeness. Everything that is happening in your life right now, you created energetically a long time ago. It can all be reversed, transmuted, or transformed; energetically. And, that is what I offer you. ~Rev. Hope

STAR Wisdom Programs are here!